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Undergraduate student in the Department of Political Science at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) in Recife, Brazil.

I am a Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences Catalyst, research assistant for the University of Nottingham, fellow of the Volunteer Science (Northeastern University), member of the Study Group on Research Methods in Political Science and member of the Research Laboratory in Institutional Design, both at UFPE. I was teaching assistant at the Professional Public Policy Master’s Degree (Spring 2018), teaching assistant for the Undergraduate Quantitative Methods Course (Fall 2017). I’ve got a research grant from the Science and Technology Support Foundation – FACEPE (2017-2018) to evaluate a health public policy’s impact in both health and election outcomes.

My research interests are Democracy & Corruption, Social & Political Behavior, Public Policy Impact Evaluation and Quantitative Methods.
As part of my academic studies, I implement the TIER protocol and share my projects at the Open Science Framework to improve transparency, reproducibility, and accessibility to my researches.

I used to be lab assistant at University of Pernambuco’s Experimental Physics Laboratory, in which I worked as an equipment developer. At the same university I was a member of the Study Group of Automation and Robotics.