Ongoing Research

  • Affective Polarization in Multiparty Systems
  • Electoral Competition and Corruption in Brazil: A Subnational Approach
    With Nicole Janz, and Dalson Figueiredo
  • Welcoming Problems? Immigrants, Refugees and Urban Crime in EU
    With Wagner Martins
  • Presidential Speech in Brazil (1988 – 2018): Text-as-Data and Content Analysis
    With Davi Moreira, Mauricio Izumi, and Paolo Ricci
  • Front National’s Speech Analysis
    With Davi Moreira, Diogo Cunha, and Lucas de Miranda

Finished Research

  • Peer to Peer: Facebook Global Digital Challenge (Spring 2017)
    Facebook Page (in Portuguese
  • (Publication) Why Quantitative Variables Should Not Be Recoded as Categorical. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (2019)
    With Fernandes, Figueiredo, da Rocha, and Lins